Thursday, 17 May 2012

Tusshar Kapoor does a John Abraham

We are not kidding, it's Tusshar Kapoor who is trending on twitter today. Tusshar has done a John Abraham by flashing his derriere for his latest flick 'KYAA SUPER KOOL HAIN HUM', and has tweeted the photo on his page.

For Tusshar being not used to fame, we wonder how he is coping to the response he is getting for the pic. But the negative publicity is indeed helping the film.

Ever since the first 'A'-certified trailer of the film became an online rage, there has been no looking back for the huge fan following that the film has garnered. Taking the entertainment quotient to a new level, in the film Tusshar will be seen spoofing John Abraham in the 'Shut Up and Bounce' track from DOSTANA.

A la Abraham, Tusshar will be seen emerging from the sea in tight trunks, mischievously flashing his derriere.

Even though the scene is a spoof, Tusshar was keen to look his best in it, and went on a high protein diet and eliminated sugar for almost two months to buff up. (Really???)

His co-star Neha Sharma and onlookers on the beach in Goa (where the scene was shot) whistled as he shot for the scene.

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