Sunday, 8 April 2012

The story behind Diljit Dosanjh’s SIKH

Sikh Diljit Dosanjh Religious AlbumWhen compared to the global music arena, Punjabi music industry is still in its nascent stages. We still have not grasped the kind of professionalism required in the industry to reach its apex. Punjabi music albums are solely based on singer’s taste. Most of the albums are based on a formula of including a couple of sad songs, couple of beat songs, one song about family including father or mother, one patriotic song, and a couple of remixes. (This trend made its appearance a couple of years ago). Punjabi Music industry still thinks that cutting an album is just about releasi
ng 8 – 10 songs and making a few videos out of them, so that the singer makes an appearance in public. We rarely get to see anything more than that. Even if the content of the album is based on formula recipe, at least the albums, as a package can provide the buyers something more. What I’m trying to say here is that there is no extra bonus that comes with the album. If you buy an English music album you’ll get to see the difference that I’m talking about. What I’m talking about is the inlay cover, which is an integral part of the album. In our industry the inlay covers are really really boring. They just have a mug shot of the artist and lots of legal information, songs, disclaimers and a thanking note; again, a trend that started a couple of years back. Satinder Sartaj made a brilliant break from this trend by making his albums more than just albums. His albums are always collectibles with a lot of information, lyrics or images and stuff like that. When you buy an album like that, that album becomes a collectors’ item. It becomes something you cherish to keep with you. It’s not an album that you simply throw away in the glove box of your car. One can understand that having a 12 page booklet in an album raises the cost of production of the album and its mostly avoided. But still if not the booklet, at least we deserve to have better cover designs. Mostly in 99.99% of the times, it’s just the artist on the cover or the models in the songs, a trend that captured the industry around 10 years back.. 6 years back or 5 years back may be. I’ve never ever seen an album cover which can induce me into purchasing that album just by looking at it. But, recently we had something new and this something new came in the shape of Diljit Dosanjh’s religious album Sikh. Album front cover for Sikh doesn’t have the face of Diljit wearing religious clothes and praying to God as most of the other religious albums usually have. The album has a brilliant artwork, where you see a sketch of a Sikh wearing turban. On the back you have a male and a female sketch in proper Sikh attire.

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