Saturday, 7 April 2012

Mirza Movie Review

Mirza is either a hit or a miss. Either you’ll totally love this film or you’ll totally dislike it. Some people will think this was the best utilisation of their time, others might think otherwise. For me, it was sheer beauty. I’ve always watched films from the technical perspective. I’ve always enjoyed the technical vividness. I’ve always forced upon the consensus that Punjabi Cinema has to move into the direction where technical aspects are given a priority and Mirza is an epic win in those proportions. I didn’t think my three hours were exhausted because I couldn’t stop admiring the mesmerizing beauty of each scene; the angles used; the lighting and the perfection of cinematography. There’s only one person in the industry who could have done it and that is Baljjit Singh Deo. Coming back to the movie itself, the plotline is based on traditional Mirza Sahiba story, so it’s not that hard to decipher what’s going to happen next. But, the way the contemporary parallels have been drawn is really astonishing. While “Baggi” becomes a Mustang, arrows become bullets, traditional dresses become leather jackets and the war cries of Punjab become the martial art, the transformation is handled impeccably and the viewer does not realise that a parallel has been drawn from the ancient times to the contemporary world. Giipy Grewal has proved his mettle. He is the greatest actor at the moment. He played his comic lead in Jihney Mera Dil Luteya and now he has shown his skills in a serious role. His dialogue delivery is purely to his character and he truly is the ideal action hero. It’s impossible to imagine anyone more fit for this kind of a role. Mandy Takhar didn’t have much to do in the film as Mirza is meant as the launch vehicle for Gippy, but whatever chance she had she did not exploit it well. She definitely is a great alternative for Neeru Bajwa in Punjabi Industry but she has to improve a lot on her acting. May be in good time she will come to realise her true potential.

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